Moville stands on the banks of the Foyle, nestled in a sheltered bay. The town itself has been a popular tourist destination for many years, going back to when the immigrant ships were berthed in the bay taking people to North America. The famous “Scotch “ Boat sailed from Derry to Glasgow up until the 60’s taking people over on holiday or back to work for the season at the Potato picking.

During the 50’s -60’s the town would be packed for the months of July and August and this further linked the town of Moville with the Central Belt in Scotland. It was very poignant when as the boat sailed back up the Foyle on route to Glasgow you would see the families who lived along the Foyle wave white bed sheets and if the family on board were able to persuade the Captain he would give a blast on the ships horn as a final farewell to there loved ones.

General Montgomery or Monty as he was known ,who was famous during the Second World War was born in the town and his ancestral home can plainly be seen by all. In recent years it was a hotel but at the moment it is lying vacant.

The Green as it is known was donated to the people of Moville by the late Bishop Montgomery. From there you can have a Calming and Restful walk along the shore path can be the highlight of your stay. You can walk along the shore to the village of Greencastle, where you can visit the Castle ruins

The Castle in Greencastle was originally built by the Anglo-Normans around 1300 , the castle is also known Newburgh There is a more modern Martello Tower which was built around 1800 to prevent Napoleon invading.

Just to the south of the town is the famous Cooley Cross and Graveyard, it can be dated as far back as the 5th Century. It is said the St Patrick himself founded the site; there were two church buildings and a tomb which has been associated with St Finian. This is known locally as “The Skull House” The Monks who lived her were some of the greatest scholars of the day and for a time it was a very famous boarding school where most of the kings of Scotland North England and Wales were all educated here. One notable King who was educated here was Malcolm Canmore who was the son of King Duncan of Scotland.

If you travel west you can visit Kinnego Bay, a delightful secluded sandy bay sheltered by the Cliffs. Many ships foundered her most notably the La Trinidad Valencia which foundered in 1588 was one of the ships in The Spanish Armada. It has been said that is why we have so many dark haired locals, all descended from the survivors of the wreck.

After you have enjoyed all the sights you will be warmly welcomed by the locals who are renowned for their friendliness. You will never be able to say the you did not receive a cead mile a faile.

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